Studio Diary – May 2015 –

Hey all

Wow it has been a while since I have checked  in.  Basically I am workin on my first LP (full album)and slowly gettin my fitness back.  Lately I have been going through issues with friendships and the ups an downs of people that talk behind your back or ones that slip away.  But on the plus side, the new ones and the ones that have stood by you.

As the weather warms up (it was a coooold ny winter) I am feeling a sense of urgency to get ish done. For various reasons,  I have been neglectful of finalizing certain things ie my web show and perfume.  Gotta light a fire under my tush and get moving.! So in short, I have some personal things to work out and get this new music going.  I am aiming for growth and power!!!

See you soon

xoxo Demi

Studio Diary (Week of Sept 2nd ’13)

      This week was greeat in that I only had to work 2days!!. But it went by so fast. I hardly got to  do any of the stuff I had planned on ie Get ready for this record release.  I did get my hair done by my Queens stylist, Yaya.  Bangs are back for me.  I organized my My Bday Plans (mega excited) and getting ready to shoot for the Dr Oz show =).     Work followed me home so I spent 3 hours making comments on my Isaac Mizrahi Sport Spring ’14 Line and now I don’t feel like doing anything but I still gotta work out (cuz I’ve been eating sweets like a piggie)   Like any mini vacay it always goes by too soon.  Anyways I am finalizing the tracks for the new record and negotiating potential label offers, so we’ll see what happens. Also fixed things with the hubby so I’m mega happy about that.   Gotta go get bk in shape