So its the end of March and I am just getting over a throat infection.

I some how made it my vocal lesson despite looking like a zombie but

had to miss my cousins bday because I realized I was just too ill to be out in the rain.

I am feeling somewhat better so I can return to “normal” life tomorrow I admit I am a lil

drugged up on mucinex lol.  i Did loose 3 pounds so I guess thats the only good thing

   Musically I am in the final mastering stage of Model Behaviour and it should be done soon

I am mega excited and just have to finalize all the little details.  It will be out sometime in JUNE!!!!!

Weather in NY is still iffy and IM just longing for a nice warm spring.   Cant wait for beach weather !!!!!!!

PS the new single will be “to all of my exes” I have to shoot the vid prob next month.  Stay tuned


xxoxox Demi