4th Quarter

Hello all

It has been a really long time since I have posted.  Lots of performances this year

and stuff in general. So my “Hot” single is finally out and gearin’ up to shoot the

video later this month/early Nov.  I am writing the scripts for season 1 of my upcoming web

series “Girl Problems.” You can see the pilot two part here btw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdxEhXLYLKQ


Just a had a very fun and lively bday and ready to get back to the studio to work

on this album.  I am thinking “Holograms” for a tile but we shall see.  I can’t

believe its fall already!!! Yikes ’16 is wrapping up so i got lots of ends to wrap up

before January.  Will keep you  posted  on things to come.  =)

Crazy Life

So my second single to All of my exes is finally out!!! http://www.demi.bandcamp.com.

WIll be shooting the video this weekend …probably.
There are mucho details to work out. I got the physical discs of model behaviour but the idots reversed the front
cover tray grrrr =(. I am so last min because it is official June and I need to pick a venue for the album release
concert also. Lots of planning to do ay aya ay ay

Personally I am elated because two people from my past have resurfaced and I am stoked because I missed them
never expected to ever hear from them and just happy they are live and well and that we are buds again!!!
Also on that note a little sad because I’m a bit lonely. I have become mega picky because I know wat I want
and what I don’t but am sick of kissing frogs. Anyway positivity I am happy to get things going and finall get a deal.

Updates – presale of model behaviour -http://www.amazon.com/Model-Behaviour-Demi-Davis/dp/B00K8KG1BO
show coming soon =)

xoxo Demi