Studio Diary August 2015

Hi all

As usual my posts are all spaced out but thank God I am on vacay next week =)

So what has been going on in Demi world?  Great news I am nominated for best pop vocalist for the women in charge

music awards in Atlanta (hopefully I win!!)  Annnnd as I said my last post I am working on my first full album.

Still untitled but so far I have recorded a couple of tracks. One is called “Hot” and the

other “Like a Bullet.”  I am still doing some writing and figuring out what direction the sound

will take. I am  doing some soul searching and catching up with the addictive anime series Naruto.

It actually got me back to doing another half Japanese song (previoulsy I had Ride it (Sore ni notte)

and Love Prisoner (Anata no toriko).

In addition to the music stuff.  I am wrapping up  a tv/web series project that I cant get into details about just yet but

mega excited about.  As far as modeling I am finally loosing the extra weight I put on but I am not sure I will

be in shape for fashion week =(.  It’s also the reason I had to drop out of the Miss Tropix competition but hard work

pays off because I am getting my abs back baby.

So in short, as usual I have my hands in many cookie jars but a nice relaxing week lays ahead of me =)

I am trying to bask in whats left of summer. Its sooo short =(    anyway catch you all on the flip side

xoxo Demi

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