Goodbye 2014


Following a great Christmas with my family, I’m prepping for 2015.
Musically I just signed a production deal (more info officially later)
and am working on fresh tunes.

After a long hiatus from modeling I have my fingers crossed for a return to
the runway in Feb for Fashion Week (Pending quick shedding of holiday weight -ooh the sweets were so good).

New acting projects are coming up (again want to keep quiet til things are official)

Finally I am finally ready to start to work on my upcoming perfume.

Lots of stuff on my plate but I like it that way =)

Oh and what is more fun I have a lil kitty. Her name is Miu Miu aka Luna P.
she is a tiger tabby very adorbes and pretty well behaved…thus far

anyways… more to come and Happy 2015!!