February Recap

Hey all so Model Behaviour, my new EP is almost finished after a crazy process.
But I think you are all gonna love it!!

So a little background. I have tried to do this blog weekly but things
always get hectic. So lets go backwards.

January- I had a blast catching the Playboy Superbowl Party
and also seeing TLC Live for Superbowl blitz.
I also got to see Blondie Imagine Dragons Lauryn Hill etc live.
It was amazing.

Gimply Leg – I have been making new breakthroughs with my vocal coach in
improving my voice and finishing the vocals. In late January
went drinking and had hooka around Dykman with my friend
after a recording session. Sushi Mama! but then it turned into
Karaoke. They asked me to sing so I did a classic -Case of the ex
by Mya. I was dancing with host and decided to do a split lol.
Well somehow the host ends up falling on me or something
and hyperextends my left leg. So hurt my leg mega bad I
think I pulled my hamstring =(. Its still healing today.
So no dance and difficulty doing my morning jogs =(.
Vday- A very simple and quiet one. I decided to give dating
a break and just love myself…(literally hahahahah) eh when
the right guy comes along he’ll come along.

Drama- So as much as I live a somewhat public life there are
things I need to keep private but chiillllld. If you only knew the
half of the drama goin on…its like a soap or reality tv show.
Lets just say certain people need to get it together.
Current- So as of now the vocals on the final songs
are done and are in final mixing and mastering stage.
I still have to finalize art work yay. So I would say
it should be ready for release in May/June.
But before that can happen I got drop some weight.
Ima lil thickums right now so I gotta put down the sweets
and get it goin.

Til next time Muuuuah





January 1st 2014!

Happy New Year !!!

2013 started out great for me then kind of fell apart. But ’14 is a new opportunity

to find my way in the crazy world.  I scrapped two songs off the new EP “Model Behaviour”and added two more  “Debauchery” and “Give me my Diamonds.”   I wrote both today
and somehow will record them between tomorrow and Friday.  Still working hard with my vocal coach

to be the best I can be. I am excited to finally finish it.   I also must drop some lbs if I want to walk in Fashion Week
 so its time to gear up for that too.   Plus I have a web series and my perfume in the works so miss Demi will be a busy minx!!

PS I got really drunk last night for NYE and had lots of fun =)


xoxo Demi

Studio Diary # 6 – November 2013 – Nearing the End

Hi all  It has been a while since my last post but lots going on.

Tunes for Tots Show went well and last week got to do my segment for Dr Oz (Lots of fun and hes really nice)

Also had a very nice Turkey day with the family which collided with my diet.

I am very excited for 2014.  Planning on doing a fragrance and creating a web series.

Personally have been up and down and I have a strange desire for a baby lol. No wayyy near ready

but I might get a cat for now.

 Musically the record is still delayed  but all for good. I am reworking the tracks and creating new ones.  That’s the

creative process it sometimes takes time to get things right.  Anywayz  gotta run watchin hangover 3. Quite interesting.

  Til next time  xoxo Demi

Sudio Diary #5 Mid October -Drama

Hey all.

Its been a little while but I have had a lot on my mind and a lot going on. The record is being pushed back again as I have to re evalute the music and go over things with my vocal coach. So for now I have to get things in order. I want this EP to be hot

Stress from work is crazy as I have been working like 9-10 hour days but this week thing should get better. I have been dating and its TERRIBLE!! one guy was boring, the other tried to do me in the bathroom on 1st date and the last….
omg he was crazzzzzy and wanted me to piss in his mouth for sexual pleasure. im doneeeeeee. NY is nuts ahhaha. I think for now I just need to make things happen and I will

October means Halloween!!!!! I will be Alice in wonderland cant wait =)

More to come soon.

xoxo Demi

Studio Diary # 4 Week of September 15 and 22

What a  crazy 2 weeks!

My bday just passed and was amazing. A 4 day event that included clubbing, a Yacht party, SKy Diving and a dinner.
I had the time of my life =). I jumped out of a plane and floated over Long Island!! Sadly at the same time
my Maternal Grandmother passes away. I never really knew her but pray she rest in peace.

Yesterday I went to Dover, NJ to shoot with dear friend Ciro for the Model Behaviour cover and artwork. Came out
Amazeballs. Lots of prep to do but I am mega excited.

Sadly I think its the end for me and my bf. Lets just say he blew off my bday almost unapologetically and for me
it was the last straw. Sad but life goes on. I am still Muthaf*ckin Demi Davis!!!

Workwise some how I have to do a Mens and Womens collection for Isaac Mizrahi Fall ’14 in basically a week!! / Ahahha
and my bestie partner is on vacay overseas.

Anywayz gonna finish watching Great Gatsby and plan out the rest of my week. I’m gonna miss summer

xoxo Demi

Studio Diary #3 Week of September 8th

  Hey all!!!

     I was sooo proud of my lil Moochie. Aka my Goddaughter, Venus.  She’s 5 and just started kindergarten. I’m so proud              of her.  The weather is starting to go back and forth with heat and crisp cold air so I’m Sad summer is leaving.                             As far as the record.  I had a lot going on with work and my training (vocal lessons, dance, etc) and Sadly I have to push   it back again.  I have to get it right and that means taking more time to make it amazing.  I will however will move fwd with my second single “To all of my Exes” its aweeeesoommmme.  You’ll hear it soon.  I have to do the shoot and music vid in the next coulple of weeks . 

Other than that I am prepping for my Bday next week.  I don’t have a lot of “friends”  I have a lot of acquaintances It can get lonely being a business driven lady.  I think one of the biggest thing I have learned is the art of letting go.  Sometimes people just don’t fit in your life anymore.  This time makes me reflect on my life and where I’m going and how one day all this craziness will  be worth it when I am where I want to be in life.   PS still deciding on dresses and a cake

 As far as my love life.  Me and the bf and working on things and that makes me mega happy.  More fuel for future songwriting eh?  Anywayyyys  gotta go. Have a lot to plan and finish getting in shape (pie is not my friend)


xo Demi

Studio Diary (Week of Sept 2nd ’13)

      This week was greeat in that I only had to work 2days!!. But it went by so fast. I hardly got to  do any of the stuff I had planned on ie Get ready for this record release.  I did get my hair done by my Queens stylist, Yaya.  Bangs are back for me.  I organized my My Bday Plans (mega excited) and getting ready to shoot for the Dr Oz show =).     Work followed me home so I spent 3 hours making comments on my Isaac Mizrahi Sport Spring ’14 Line and now I don’t feel like doing anything but I still gotta work out (cuz I’ve been eating sweets like a piggie)   Like any mini vacay it always goes by too soon.  Anyways I am finalizing the tracks for the new record and negotiating potential label offers, so we’ll see what happens. Also fixed things with the hubby so I’m mega happy about that.   Gotta go get bk in shape

Welcome to my Studio Diary (Week of Aug. 25 ’13)

Sooo because I’m not much of a blogger this is kind of my foray and also a chance to connect. It’s
taken a while to set up (my original blog has just left myspace lol) but here it is.

This week has been tumultuous and frankly cray-cray. So currently I am finishing up my new EP, Model Behaviour Vol 1.
I wrote it pretty quickly but changes in vocal coaches, issues with the music and also my unstable weight has delayed it.
I honestly planned it for September in time for Fashion Week but it aint happening. As I mentioned before my weight is
not cooperating and I’m at my max weight (not revealing it lol!!. It’s just been a crazy summer of ups and downs and
I love sweets so that’s another issue of mine. As my bro says I’m a fat b*tch inside haha. I digress so hopefully in Oct
the record will come out. I have two new vocal coaches and am gearing up for videos, shows and cutting the fat.

Aside from the record I am sad that I won’t be walking for Fashion Week cuz of my huge ass lol but there is always
February. I just got back from Vegas from a verrrry much needed Family Vacay and have a lot of downtime from work
which is great!! I am dying to go somewhere else. As summer unofficially comes to an end I am doing a lot of reflecting.
My bday is less than a month away (Sept 23rd) and so I want to accomplish some things. Oct I WILL learn to drive!!
And just really set myself up for what I want. I am also getting into Charity work for kids. Demi luh tha keeds!!
I am doing a song for a little girl in the hospital (on my 3rd re-record perfection knows no bounds) and I will be performing Tunes for tots in Nov. to raise money for the kiddies.

Personally I am feeling creative but drained from responsibilities. I need to pop it up in the clubs for labor day
and relaxxx. Having issues with my bf all week too so fingers crossed that things work out =(

On a side note I went to the VMAs for the 1st time ever on Sunday and wow it was amazeballs. 10x more crazy than
what anyone could see on TV. JT killed it!!! and I loved Gaga and Miley. Say what you will about the Miley performance I loved it and she was having fun. Was she ratchet as hell? Yeahhhhh but I was entertained and the music was pumpin. I think it really controversial because of her Disney past. Would we have the same reaction if it was Rihanna or someone older?

PS I just killed a giant ass mosquito. The bastoid must have been the one biting me these last 2 days. Sigh.
‘Bout to work out so see ya next week xoxo Demi