February Recap

Hey all so Model Behaviour, my new EP is almost finished after a crazy process.
But I think you are all gonna love it!!

So a little background. I have tried to do this blog weekly but things
always get hectic. So lets go backwards.

January- I had a blast catching the Playboy Superbowl Party
and also seeing TLC Live for Superbowl blitz.
I also got to see Blondie Imagine Dragons Lauryn Hill etc live.
It was amazing.

Gimply Leg – I have been making new breakthroughs with my vocal coach in
improving my voice and finishing the vocals. In late January
went drinking and had hooka around Dykman with my friend
after a recording session. Sushi Mama! but then it turned into
Karaoke. They asked me to sing so I did a classic -Case of the ex
by Mya. I was dancing with host and decided to do a split lol.
Well somehow the host ends up falling on me or something
and hyperextends my left leg. So hurt my leg mega bad I
think I pulled my hamstring =(. Its still healing today.
So no dance and difficulty doing my morning jogs =(.
Vday- A very simple and quiet one. I decided to give dating
a break and just love myself…(literally hahahahah) eh when
the right guy comes along he’ll come along.

Drama- So as much as I live a somewhat public life there are
things I need to keep private but chiillllld. If you only knew the
half of the drama goin on…its like a soap or reality tv show.
Lets just say certain people need to get it together.
Current- So as of now the vocals on the final songs
are done and are in final mixing and mastering stage.
I still have to finalize art work yay. So I would say
it should be ready for release in May/June.
But before that can happen I got drop some weight.
Ima lil thickums right now so I gotta put down the sweets
and get it goin.

Til next time Muuuuah