January 1st 2014!

Happy New Year !!!

2013 started out great for me then kind of fell apart. But ’14 is a new opportunity

to find my way in the crazy world.  I scrapped two songs off the new EP “Model Behaviour”and added two more  “Debauchery” and “Give me my Diamonds.”   I wrote both today
and somehow will record them between tomorrow and Friday.  Still working hard with my vocal coach

to be the best I can be. I am excited to finally finish it.   I also must drop some lbs if I want to walk in Fashion Week
 so its time to gear up for that too.   Plus I have a web series and my perfume in the works so miss Demi will be a busy minx!!

PS I got really drunk last night for NYE and had lots of fun =)


xoxo Demi