Studio Diary # 6 – November 2013 – Nearing the End

Hi all  It has been a while since my last post but lots going on.

Tunes for Tots Show went well and last week got to do my segment for Dr Oz (Lots of fun and hes really nice)

Also had a very nice Turkey day with the family which collided with my diet.

I am very excited for 2014.  Planning on doing a fragrance and creating a web series.

Personally have been up and down and I have a strange desire for a baby lol. No wayyy near ready

but I might get a cat for now.

 Musically the record is still delayed  but all for good. I am reworking the tracks and creating new ones.  That’s the

creative process it sometimes takes time to get things right.  Anywayz  gotta run watchin hangover 3. Quite interesting.

  Til next time  xoxo Demi