Sudio Diary #5 Mid October -Drama

Hey all.

Its been a little while but I have had a lot on my mind and a lot going on. The record is being pushed back again as I have to re evalute the music and go over things with my vocal coach. So for now I have to get things in order. I want this EP to be hot

Stress from work is crazy as I have been working like 9-10 hour days but this week thing should get better. I have been dating and its TERRIBLE!! one guy was boring, the other tried to do me in the bathroom on 1st date and the last….
omg he was crazzzzzy and wanted me to piss in his mouth for sexual pleasure. im doneeeeeee. NY is nuts ahhaha. I think for now I just need to make things happen and I will

October means Halloween!!!!! I will be Alice in wonderland cant wait =)

More to come soon.

xoxo Demi