Studio Diary # 4 Week of September 15 and 22

What a  crazy 2 weeks!

My bday just passed and was amazing. A 4 day event that included clubbing, a Yacht party, SKy Diving and a dinner.
I had the time of my life =). I jumped out of a plane and floated over Long Island!! Sadly at the same time
my Maternal Grandmother passes away. I never really knew her but pray she rest in peace.

Yesterday I went to Dover, NJ to shoot with dear friend Ciro for the Model Behaviour cover and artwork. Came out
Amazeballs. Lots of prep to do but I am mega excited.

Sadly I think its the end for me and my bf. Lets just say he blew off my bday almost unapologetically and for me
it was the last straw. Sad but life goes on. I am still Muthaf*ckin Demi Davis!!!

Workwise some how I have to do a Mens and Womens collection for Isaac Mizrahi Fall ’14 in basically a week!! / Ahahha
and my bestie partner is on vacay overseas.

Anywayz gonna finish watching Great Gatsby and plan out the rest of my week. I’m gonna miss summer

xoxo Demi

Studio Diary #3 Week of September 8th

  Hey all!!!

     I was sooo proud of my lil Moochie. Aka my Goddaughter, Venus.  She’s 5 and just started kindergarten. I’m so proud              of her.  The weather is starting to go back and forth with heat and crisp cold air so I’m Sad summer is leaving.                             As far as the record.  I had a lot going on with work and my training (vocal lessons, dance, etc) and Sadly I have to push   it back again.  I have to get it right and that means taking more time to make it amazing.  I will however will move fwd with my second single “To all of my Exes” its aweeeesoommmme.  You’ll hear it soon.  I have to do the shoot and music vid in the next coulple of weeks . 

Other than that I am prepping for my Bday next week.  I don’t have a lot of “friends”  I have a lot of acquaintances It can get lonely being a business driven lady.  I think one of the biggest thing I have learned is the art of letting go.  Sometimes people just don’t fit in your life anymore.  This time makes me reflect on my life and where I’m going and how one day all this craziness will  be worth it when I am where I want to be in life.   PS still deciding on dresses and a cake

 As far as my love life.  Me and the bf and working on things and that makes me mega happy.  More fuel for future songwriting eh?  Anywayyyys  gotta go. Have a lot to plan and finish getting in shape (pie is not my friend)


xo Demi

Studio Diary (Week of Sept 2nd ’13)

      This week was greeat in that I only had to work 2days!!. But it went by so fast. I hardly got to  do any of the stuff I had planned on ie Get ready for this record release.  I did get my hair done by my Queens stylist, Yaya.  Bangs are back for me.  I organized my My Bday Plans (mega excited) and getting ready to shoot for the Dr Oz show =).     Work followed me home so I spent 3 hours making comments on my Isaac Mizrahi Sport Spring ’14 Line and now I don’t feel like doing anything but I still gotta work out (cuz I’ve been eating sweets like a piggie)   Like any mini vacay it always goes by too soon.  Anyways I am finalizing the tracks for the new record and negotiating potential label offers, so we’ll see what happens. Also fixed things with the hubby so I’m mega happy about that.   Gotta go get bk in shape