4th Quarter

Hello all

It has been a really long time since I have posted.  Lots of performances this year

and stuff in general. So my “Hot” single is finally out and gearin’ up to shoot the

video later this month/early Nov.  I am writing the scripts for season 1 of my upcoming web

series “Girl Problems.” You can see the pilot two part here btw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hdxEhXLYLKQ


Just a had a very fun and lively bday and ready to get back to the studio to work

on this album.  I am thinking “Holograms” for a tile but we shall see.  I can’t

believe its fall already!!! Yikes ’16 is wrapping up so i got lots of ends to wrap up

before January.  Will keep you  posted  on things to come.  =)


Studio Diary August 2015

Hi all

As usual my posts are all spaced out but thank God I am on vacay next week =)

So what has been going on in Demi world?  Great news I am nominated for best pop vocalist for the women in charge

music awards in Atlanta (hopefully I win!!)  Annnnd as I said my last post I am working on my first full album.

Still untitled but so far I have recorded a couple of tracks. One is called “Hot” and the

other “Like a Bullet.”  I am still doing some writing and figuring out what direction the sound

will take. I am  doing some soul searching and catching up with the addictive anime series Naruto.

It actually got me back to doing another half Japanese song (previoulsy I had Ride it (Sore ni notte)

and Love Prisoner (Anata no toriko).

In addition to the music stuff.  I am wrapping up  a tv/web series project that I cant get into details about just yet but

mega excited about.  As far as modeling I am finally loosing the extra weight I put on but I am not sure I will

be in shape for fashion week =(.  It’s also the reason I had to drop out of the Miss Tropix competition but hard work

pays off because I am getting my abs back baby.

So in short, as usual I have my hands in many cookie jars but a nice relaxing week lays ahead of me =)

I am trying to bask in whats left of summer. Its sooo short =(    anyway catch you all on the flip side

xoxo Demi

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Studio Diary – May 2015 –

Hey all

Wow it has been a while since I have checked  in.  Basically I am workin on my first LP (full album)and slowly gettin my fitness back.  Lately I have been going through issues with friendships and the ups an downs of people that talk behind your back or ones that slip away.  But on the plus side, the new ones and the ones that have stood by you.

As the weather warms up (it was a coooold ny winter) I am feeling a sense of urgency to get ish done. For various reasons,  I have been neglectful of finalizing certain things ie my web show and perfume.  Gotta light a fire under my tush and get moving.! So in short, I have some personal things to work out and get this new music going.  I am aiming for growth and power!!!

See you soon

xoxo Demi

Goodbye 2014


Following a great Christmas with my family, I’m prepping for 2015.
Musically I just signed a production deal (more info officially later)
and am working on fresh tunes.

After a long hiatus from modeling I have my fingers crossed for a return to
the runway in Feb for Fashion Week (Pending quick shedding of holiday weight -ooh the sweets were so good).

New acting projects are coming up (again want to keep quiet til things are official)

Finally I am finally ready to start to work on my upcoming perfume.

Lots of stuff on my plate but I like it that way =)

Oh and what is more fun I have a lil kitty. Her name is Miu Miu aka Luna P.
she is a tiger tabby very adorbes and pretty well behaved…thus far

anyways… more to come and Happy 2015!!

September/October Life

So it has been  a while  since I have written

Life is hectic but good.  Had a nice Bday.  I am working on projects and just trying

to get things in order.  Tues I have a show at Santos Party House and I am still getting ready

for that. I may wear red and black.  I am off the wagon again with sweets.  Oy why do twizzler pull n peel

taste so good.   Anyways its the end of the year almost!!! so i got lots to do before Jan 2015

Ghost of of Exes Past (8/3/14)

So there is a slow start to my promo of “Model Behaviour”

Certain things that were supposed to happen are not so I have to switch gears.

My Director/friend is holding the  “…exes”  video hostage. Not when anyone

will ever see the vid =(   it was a lot of work but …..

Life continues and I am rearranging how things are going to work and just make things

happen.  Yay for positivity

  In non music news…  so last post I mentioned my ex from  last yr wanted to “explain”

his side of the story.  Lets just say it involved cheating, pregnancy rumors, lies etc.

I told him last week he had 3 days to call and “explain”  he didnt which made me wonder

why he  came out of the woodwork after 7 months in the first place.  Anywho

I cursed him out on facebook and I thought that was that,.. A week later I get a text

that I deserved to know the real story blah blah blah and that he needed more than a day

toe explain.  I was up for amusement last week but now I am just reminded how hurt I was

during that period so  I am being haunted  by the ghost of exes past lol. 




 LOL  I am so sorry that I haven’t been writing here more.

This are so hectic.  So my music vid for “…Exes” is 90 percent shot

and then editing but im having some issues with my director so sigh hoping to get it out soon.

The premier show was crrazy in that a hurricane was happening but despite a late start

the house was full and people loved it (video coming soon)

 4th of July was fun and I had a nice vacay with the family: Six Flags, Museums, bus, Bk Botanical gardens etc mega fun!   

Right now I’m working out my plans for the rest of the year and just tired I have been exhausted

since being back from vacay but thats life. Ps my ex boyfriend messaged me today to explain his side of our breakup and some other stuff.  I know whatever he tells me will prob be bs but

I always give the benefit of the doubt.

PS I had the second weirdest Date ever!!

Guy was looney tunes crazy n tried to get controlling on me lol

a story for next time

Til next time – muuuuuuuuuuah

xoxo Demi

Crazy Life

So my second single to All of my exes is finally out!!! http://www.demi.bandcamp.com.

WIll be shooting the video this weekend …probably.
There are mucho details to work out. I got the physical discs of model behaviour but the idots reversed the front
cover tray grrrr =(. I am so last min because it is official June and I need to pick a venue for the album release
concert also. Lots of planning to do ay aya ay ay

Personally I am elated because two people from my past have resurfaced and I am stoked because I missed them
never expected to ever hear from them and just happy they are live and well and that we are buds again!!!
Also on that note a little sad because I’m a bit lonely. I have become mega picky because I know wat I want
and what I don’t but am sick of kissing frogs. Anyway positivity I am happy to get things going and finall get a deal.

Updates – presale of model behaviour -http://www.amazon.com/Model-Behaviour-Demi-Davis/dp/B00K8KG1BO
show coming soon =)

xoxo Demi


So its the end of March and I am just getting over a throat infection.

I some how made it my vocal lesson despite looking like a zombie but

had to miss my cousins bday because I realized I was just too ill to be out in the rain.

I am feeling somewhat better so I can return to “normal” life tomorrow I admit I am a lil

drugged up on mucinex lol.  i Did loose 3 pounds so I guess thats the only good thing

   Musically I am in the final mastering stage of Model Behaviour and it should be done soon

I am mega excited and just have to finalize all the little details.  It will be out sometime in JUNE!!!!!

Weather in NY is still iffy and IM just longing for a nice warm spring.   Cant wait for beach weather !!!!!!!

PS the new single will be “to all of my exes” I have to shoot the vid prob next month.  Stay tuned


xxoxox Demi